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May 19, 2014

Why Every Business Should Hire American Heroes

Why Every Business Should Hire American Heroes

By Col. Norm Potter, USAF (Ret.)


In late 2011, Congress passed The VOW to Hire Heroes act, which gives tax credits to business owners who hire veterans. And there is good reason for it. Today’s former members of the military are facing a job market where about 700,000–800,000 of their brothers and sisters are unemployed at any given time, according to the U. S. Department of Veteran Affairs. And it’s predicted that in the next few years, an additional 120,000 military men and women will hit the job market as our country reduces our active military force.

But as a small-business owner, there are lot more reasons than a tax break to hire these exemplary men and women. Here are some additional benefits you’ll get when you employ one of these heroes.

They Give Their All
If there is one personality trait I’ve witnessed over and over during my nearly 30 years in the military, it’s this: Service members, no matter what branch, don’t like to lose. Actually, it’s repulsive to them. It doesn’t matter if it’s a friendly game of basketball or football or cards. It’s always a constant competition to be the best they can be. Can you imagine someone on your team who inherently won’t give up, understands dedication, and will always give 110% all of the time? That’s what a veteran will bring to your team.

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