Volunteer With OSDTN

We need your help to serve our Veterans. We have opportunities for the community to get involved. Please let us know if you are interested in serving Veterans.

Ready to help engage, equip, and empower our Veterans? Sign up down below.Once you have completed the form and signed up for a specific date, our volunteer coordinator will reach out to confirm your scheduled date and time.

Thank you! Your support is priceless. Volunteers like you make OSDTN stand out! Thank you for serving those who have honorably served our country. Please email if you are interested in volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer Information


    I understand that all information concerning a client’s (present or former) care, treatment, diagnosis, records and personal affairs are confidential and that all information regarding Operation Stand Down TN, (OSDTN) its programs, personnel, operating procedures or any facet of its operation is confidential. I agree to uphold this confidentiality. I agree that I will not divulge any information to anyone outside of current OSDTN Staff and that I will uphold this confidentiality even when I am not volunteering at OSDTN. If I am a Volunteer and I break confidentiality, I understand this is grounds for my immediate dismissal as a Volunteer and could make me personally liable for my actions.

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