Transitional Housing Program (THP)

Transitional Housing Program

 “No Veteran Should Be Homeless”

The THP Program is provided for men and women Veterans dealing with controlling issues who have asked for help. Our holistic approach utilizes a home setting providing a safe, structured and secure environment. Daily participation in supportive meetings is required. As a member of the program, Veterans learn to reestablish a responsible lifestyle, contribute to the upkeep of a home in a neighborhood, create an individual budget and savings plan, live with other Veterans in a supportive environment, gain employment by developing successful work habits, participate in community service and recreational activities and develop interpersonal relationships. Professional case management is provided on a 1:10 ratio.

Prior to being seen by the THP staff, Veterans must visit the 4th floor of the Nashville VA Hospital and be evaluated by a trained VA official.

Once accepted into transitional housing, Veterans can stay for up to two years, however the average resident stays for six to nine months. Allowing the Veteran to stay up to two years gives them the opportunity to address any issues they may be dealing with while living in a safe and secure environment. By providing this type of environment, a Veteran can build their confidence so they may become productive members of society and leaders in their community.


Our goal is to mentor veterans who are experiencing life-controlling situations to empower them in rebuilding their own foundation and support systems. These may include addiction issues, legal issues, controlling issues, educational barriers, and employment barriers.


Full-Time Maintenance Staff

The maintenance staff is on-call 24/7,  and performs the day-to-day maintenance and repairs at each home. They are experienced in all the various areas needed to maintain our homes in outstanding condition. This type of attention ensures each veteran lives in a comfortable and safe living place and provides an example of how they should take care of their own home when they successfully leave our program.