Post 9/11 Veterans

Are you a Post 9/11 Veteran that is transitioning? Whether you are about to get out of the service or have been out for years, we can help.

We believe that helping Veterans transition, either separated or soon to be separating, we can set them up for success.

We do this in three ways.

First, we engage with you. By doing this, we can provide you with support and get you involved in their community. Not only does this help with networking, it provides a sense of purpose and camaraderie. During this step, we also help establish VA benefits and provide the guidance on how to maintain a healthy life.

Once we have engaged with you, we equip you with the necessary resources and tools to help you achieve your individual goals. Each Veteran is different, and we acknowledge that. If a you plan to attend college or a trade school, we provide you with guidance on how to apply to the school you wish to attend and how to apply for education benefits. You can visit our education page and explore resources and programs that we can help you access. If a you want to enter the workforce after separation or are looking to make a career change, we help you transfer your military skills and develop your resume and assist with job placement.  If a you are trying to become an entrepreneur, we help you meet professionals and provide networking events to help you navigate the business industry in our community.

Once we’ve equipped you with these tools and you have reached your goals, we have empowered you. It is our mission to help Post 9/11 Veterans get to the point that they no longer need our services, although our services will always be there if needed. We recognize the value of you and other Veterans in our community and we strive maximize your success.

Please click the tabs below for more information on transitioning, education, and employment. If you are interested in working with us to transition, please email us here. Please check out our Veteran services found on our home page and feel free to call or come in to chat with us.