Capital Campaign

Preserving the Promise
Capital Campaign


While our current building has met our needs, we are rapidly growing beyond what it can offer our Veterans and their families. With that in mind, we have been assessing our space needs, keeping in mind that our building is simply a tool that will allow us to further reach our mission. While many needs surfaced as part of our planning, there were a few that were identified as most critical.


• Our current building was formerly a grocery store. The public areas on the outside and inside of the building and the parking lot are not professionally attractive to serve the needs of today’s Veterans and their families. The facility’s intimidating appearance makes it hard to attract women, families, and the community at large.

• When meetings take place after dark, we do not have adequate outdoor lighting, making it difficult for Veterans, families and constituents to feel safe and comfortable.

• We lack a sufficient number of classrooms for the programs and counseling we offer our clients who often suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and other mental conditions.


• Our current facility does not have permanent walls separating departments. Confidentiality is a major concern.

• With our current configuration, program staff members are often divided due to limited department space, making communication and team building more difficult.


• Our rent has steadily increased, making it one of our largest fixed expenses.

• After 21 years of renting space, Operation Stand Down Tennessee has not been able to build equity.


• Our current location is on two major Metropolitan Transit Authority bus lines.

• With the Veterans’ Affairs Regional Office approximately one mile north and the Veterans’ Affairs Medical Center approximately one mile west, Operation Stand Down Tennessee’s current location is in between these vital community partners.


To address these critical needs, our Board of Directors has put together an exciting capital and finance plan to support Operation Stand Down Tennessee’s unique service to Veterans. It calls for the purchase and renovation of the facilities, including the building and parking area located at 1119-1125 12th Avenue South, Nashville, Tennessee.


• Our plans call for an updated and uniform exterior of the building to make it more welcoming to the community especially for women Veterans and families. We will also renovate the interior of the building making it more professionally appealing to attract more clients and community stakeholders.

• We will repave our parking lot and include islands with trees to make it more inviting.

• By adding outdoor lighting, we will heighten security to help make clients, staff and constituents feel more comfortable visiting OSDTN after dark.

• We will reconfigure our interior space to add classrooms so that we can offer more than one class at a time and provide more group counseling sessions increasing our ability to serve more clients.


• We will construct walls separating program departments, thereby increasing client and administrative confidentiality.

• We will reconfigure our interior space to allow all staff members’ offices to be housed within their departments.


• Purchasing our permanent home will enable Operation Stand Down Tennessee to go from tenant to OWNER so that it can develop equity and increase its assets.

• Ownership will empower Operation Stand Down Tennessee to renovate and modernize its facilities to make them even more efficient and attractive for the delivery of services to Veterans, especially women Veterans and families.

• Our debt expense will decrease over time, providing financial stability, while rent would certainly increase.

• By reducing the fixed expenses of our facility, we can allocate more funds for our programs and ultimately better serve our community’s Veterans.


• By purchasing our building and 2.14 acre lot, we will secure our 12th Avenue South location which is near interstates and convenient to downtown Nashville, and also meets the needs of those clients who must rely on public bus transportation to travel from their current location or home, to work, and to OSDTN.

• With the purchase of our building, we will maintain the convenience for our clients and staff to reach the Veterans’ Affairs Medical Center and the Veterans’ Administration Regional Office with whom we partner daily.


To address our needs and plans we are initiating an intensive fundraising effort titled the “Preserving the Promise” campaign. Our aim with this important effort is to raise all of the funds required to complete our capital plan which includes purchasing and refurbishing our current building and parking lot, expanding our services, improving efficiency, securing our location, and making the agency more financially stable.

Our minimum Phase I Goal is $500,000, which will enable us to have a substantial equity position in our building purchase and also serve as a down payment on our purchase price. A Phase II Challenge Goal of $3,500,000 has been set, that would allow us to fully fund our purchase and renovation costs, and ultimately eliminate the acquisition debt.

Levels of Support Needed to Succeed in Phase I

In order to reach our financial objectives in Phase I, we need a combination of gifts totaling $500,000. These gifts will be used as a debt service reserve and to pay closing costs.

Levels of Support Needed to Succeed in Phase II

In order to reach our financial objectives in Phase II, we will need both a substantial number of givers and a few, fairly substantial gifts. For example:

Size of GiftNumber of Gifts NeededMinimum Need
$500,000 or more1$500,000
$250,000 - $499,9992$750,000
$100,000 - $249,9994$600,000
$50,000 - $99,9998$450,000
$25,000 - $49,99916$400,000
$10,000 - $24,99932$320,000
$5,000 - $9,99964$320,000
$1,000 - $4,999160$160,000


All friends are asked to consider gifts above and beyond what they give in their regular contributions. There are a variety of ways that gifts can be made.

Long-term pledges payable over three years are easier for most and essential to meeting our goal, since it would be impractical, if not impossible, to reach our objectives with one-time, out of pocket gifts. Gifts may be made in monthly, quarterly, or annual installments at the donor’s discretion. A 10% initial investment toward your total pledge is requested.

Non cash gifts are an additional way you can support our project. You may, for example, wish to consider gifts “in kind” such as labor and materials; gifts of securities such as appreciated stocks and bonds; gifts of real estate or even personal property such as artwork, automobiles, jewelry and antiques.

Deferred gifts are another way you can choose to support our efforts. These are gifts that can be arranged now, but will not be received until later and include gifts through a person’s will by bequest or gifts of life insurance policies.



Three - Year Pledges
Payment Plans
Total Gift10% initialInvestment Monthly


There are a number of very special gift opportunities available to donors of qualifying gift amounts. These opportunities allow donors the unique chance to designate their gifts to a particular project and dedicate them in honor or memory of those they choose.

Building Gift Opportunities
Community Room$250,000
Employment Center$100,000
Transitional Housing Center$100,000
Lobby/Waiting Area$100,000
Administrative Suite$50,000
Information Technology Classroom$25,000
Classroom/Counseling Room A$25,000
Classroom/Counseling Room B$25,000
Conference Room$10,000

Prices of stated items are not necessarily reflective of the component’s cost. Rather, they are based on the prominence of the item, our needs, and hopefully, the gift abilities of our community. Although payments for these gifts may be made over the entire pledge period, recognition will not be publicly celebrated until the gift is paid in full.

If you are interested in giving the Preserving the Promise Capital Campaign please contact Karen Fitzhugh at 615-248-1981 ext. 168.