May 19, 2014

G.I. Job Jam – 2nd Rendition Proves to be a Winning Combination

We had the second rendition of the G.I. Job Jam today and frankly I think we have a winning combination. A single vendor or employer and veterans already knowledgeable and vetted for the positions. The idea came about from the Patriot Partner Hiring Fairs, with the K.I.S.S. principle applied.

This event featured Wendy Overlock of Catholic Charities interviewing and taking applications for their production plant. They were looking for vets with some manufacturing, assembly line experience, with an added benefit of background leniency. One of our greatest barriers for employment has been either background issues or transportation, both were resolved with this vendor.

The program lasted from 9-11am, and Wendy interviewed 5 veterans, says she liked them all and we would know who was hired by early next week, now that’s the kind of partnership that produces.

J.C. Smith and Jeff Sorrell – Outreach Coordinators