Employment Department


The Employment Department offers job placement assistance, computer training, resume development, professional development workshops, interview preparation, and budget counseling. Veterans are interviewed by the Employment staff to assess their individual needs. If a Veteran is able to schedule an interview, employment counselors provide appropriate clothing for the interview from the 12th Avenue Thrift Store (shirts, ties, suit jackets, shoes, etc). The Employment Department can also provide for transportation needs in the form of gas or bus cards once the interview has been verified by the Employment staff.

Once a client secures employment, an employment counselor provides them with items that will contribute to their success at a new place of employment. These items include work boots, tools and equipment, bus passes or gas cards to help with transportation, and any specialized clothing. All items are provided once employment has verified the client’s new employment.

In addition to OSDTN Employment staff, we are happy to offer services from Volunteers of America Mid-States (HVRP Grant) and an on-site AMVETS Career Coach.

Some services have grant restrictions and can only be provided within certain time limits.

Needed Documentation:

  • Current Résumé (Electronic Copy Preferred)
  • College Diploma or Transcripts (if applicable)
  • Certificates or Training (if applicable)
  • Professional licenses and/or Certifications


Computer LabComputer Lab

Veterans have the ability to use the computer lab to build or revise resume’s, conduct job searches, as well as apply for jobs. The computer lab also conducts daily computer classes focusing on basic
computer skills. These classes are held at 9 AM and 1 PM.